Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian är ett världskänt märke med säte i USA, dom har ett stort sortiment med underkläder för män. Deras storsäljare är serien Almost Naked - en serie som finns i alla modeller, boxer, trunk, brief, jock och string. Det som utmärker denna serie är att som den säger att underkläderna är så sköna att du knappt känner att du har dom på dig.

Vi fick äran att ställa några frågor till Christopher Yoo som är Vice President på Andrew Christian. 

  • Does fabric matter in underwear? 
    It is one of the most important components of designing sexy and comfortable underwear. Our most popular fabrics include 4-way stretch mesh (super sexy variations of synthetic fibers made to be soft, durable, and colorfast), polyamide (lightweight, silky, durable, and super-soft), modal (type of ultra-soft rayon made from beech trees offering a smooth, soft, and extremely luxurious look and feel), cotton stretch (soft, comfortable, cool, and hypoallergenic), and bamboo (light, strong, and very soft type of rayon made to be moisture-wicking and have anti-bacterial properties).

  • Can you work out in any underwear type and fabric? 
    We use only the best fabrics, all made to be durable and absorbent aside from looking and feeling amazing. Our fabric selections allow them all to be worn for everyday use, including, but not limited to, workouts, and they all provide a unique wearing experience.

  • On average how many washes are recommended for a pair of underwear? 
    After each wear, and for hygienic reasons, they should be replaced every 6 months. But for those who follow fashionable trends even in underwear, we notice they like to add (not necessarily replace) new styles each month.

  • Tighter the better? 
    It probably depends on each person. We offer a diverse range of cuts, fits, pouches, and fabrics that allow customers to always find what they are looking for.

  • Where do you see your brand in the next 5 years, do we see a trend change? 
    Trends always change. Colors come and go from season to season. We release new designs and styles, new concepts every month to always be on-trend making each pair limited. It offers a fun and unique experience for customers each time they shop for Andrew Christian. They won't see the same style they bought last month.

  • Are men becoming more secure in themselves to wear more excentric styles? 
    Everyone likes comfort, they like to look and feel amazing especially in underwear. Designer Andrew Christian has always focused on the client base that has helped make him strong, but we have found over the years, there are quite a lot of straight men who also wear Andrew Christian underwear showing the market is expanding and adapting. Once they try a pair, they fall in love with the comfort of the underwear.
  • What models do you recommend for those of large package and to those with a smaller package for best comfort? 
    Because we use premium fabrics that stretch in all 4 directions, big or small, our Almost Naked collection is highly recommended. It is perhaps the most comfortable underwear we've ever made featuring an anatomically correct pouch... Plus, it's Designer Andrew Christian's personal favorite. However, for those specifically looking for a larger pouch, our Trophy Boy Collection was made for them. They are made with a larger anatomically correct pouch so will offer the same level of comfort as our Almost Naked collection.

  • Should men in their later years also consider to wear these underwear? 
    Absolutely! Andrew Christian is made for every man to experience a new level of comfort, sexiness, and style.